Port Coquitlam Sales September 2020 vs 2019 - Single Family Homes Lead The Way

Benchmark prices are up across the board in Port Coquitlam between 6.1-12% over thier 2019 counterparts. 
Tenth consecutive month datached home prices have out-performed their previous years benchmark price.
Large increase for detached home's benchmark pricing this month, over $24,000. This marks the five consecutive month over month increase for 2020 detached home pricing;
April: $917,000
May: $921,900
June: $923,700
July: $980,000
August: $993,500
September: $1,017,900

Benchmark pricing increased over $100,000 in 6 months.

Supply has shrunk between 7.3-43.5% while sales increase between 45-150%
More compitition for fewer homes.

Single family detached homes continue to remain at the forefront of Port Coquitlam's market with perpetual pricing increases, and ever rising demand.
Overall Port Coquitlam shows the strongest pricing increase in the Tri City area for the third consequtive month
as the area remained at the forefront of the entire summer 2020 market.

Snap shot: less supply & higher pricing. Sellers market for detached homes and townhomes.
Single family homes in high demand.

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