Coquitlam Sales September 2020 vs 2019 - Detached Home Market Is Strong

Benchmark prices are up across the board, between 2.6-7.2% over thier 2019 counterparts. 
This month there was an increase for detached home's benchmark pricing of over $11,000. 
This marks the third consecutive month over month increase for 2020 detached home pricing;

June: $1,210,700
July: 1,228,300
August: $1,229,600
September: $1,240,900

Supply has shrunk between 8.5-32.7% for detached homes and townhomes, while supply has increased 3.5% for condos.
Sales have increased 25.3-58.8%

Housing prices have out-performed their previous year benchmark price for the following number of consecutive months:

7 Detached Homes
8 Townhomes
10 Condos

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