Maple Ridge Sales September 2020 vs 2019

Benchmark prices up accross the board, between 2.7-7.4%
The benchmark price for a detached home in Maple Ridge is stronger than the same time the previous year for a ninth consecutive month
Supply has decreased between 7.8-37.2% leading to lower days on market for both townhomes and detached homes. 

Sales increase between 10.3-85.7% as more buyers compete for fewer homes.

Detached home prices have increased steadily month over month for the entirety of 2020;
December (2019): $808,000
January: $809,800
February: $824,900
March: $835,100
April: $844,500
May: $848,700
June: $854,700
July: $854,700
August: $857,200
September: $868,000

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