Port Coquitlam Sales December 2020 vs 2019 - Stand Alone Homes Set New Record

Benchmark prices are up across the board in Port Coquitlam between 4.7-10.7% over thier 2019 counterparts. 
Datached home prices have out-performed their previous years benchmark price for a full year; the December 2020 benchmark was $102,000 higher than its 2019 counterpart.
This marks the eighth consecutive month over month increase for 2020 detached home pricing;
April: $917,000
May: $921,900
June: $923,700
July: $980,000
August: $993,500
September: $1,017,900
October: $1,034,400
November: $1,039,300
December: $1,055,000

Benchmark pricing has increased over $138,000 in just 8 months.

New Record:
Port Coquitlam stand alone homes have now achieved their highest ever benchmark pricing.
The last peak was in May of 2018 when the benchmark price was $1,049,400.
$1,055,000 benchmark sets a new record by $5600

Supply has shrunk between 13.3% & 60.6%
Sales of stand alone homes and condos have both increased 20.8% and 55.9% respectively.

Single family detached homes continue to remain at the forefront of Port Coquitlam's market with perpetual pricing increases, and ever rising demand.

Snap shot: Strong sellers market to finish 2020poco h
Single family homes set new record & continue to be in high demand.